Celtic Mass for the Sea Flash Mob: Bass

Download the SATB vocal part as a pdf  along with a mp3 audio support of your part.

Learn this 4-minute excerpt  from ‘The Celtic Mass for the Sea’ and be part of  our June 8th, World Ocean’s Day, ‘Flash Mob’ event.  Let’s raise our voices for for Ocean Awareness!

Join us in Halifax at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic wharf.  We will gather around a display for the ‘Celtic Mass for the Sea’ and at 12:30pm we will ‘on mass’ perform an excerpt from the Introit.

Can’t be with us in Halifax……. you can plan your own ‘Celtic Mass for the Sea’ Flash Mob with your friends, where ever you live.  Let us know when and where you will be having your World Ocean’s Day ‘Celtic Mass for the Sea’ Flash Mob then download your music and lets raise our voices across the miles for Ocean Awareness!

Follow and contribute to the ‘Celtic Mass for the Sea’ World Ocean’s Day Flash Mob Group on Facebook.

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