Macmillan's music is magical [and his] instinct for what ought to come next in a piece of music is unerring.

Stephen Pedersen

Arts Reporter, Halifax Herald Ltd

Macmillan is wonderful musical ambassador for every genre of music from this area and a joy to work with.

Susan Mitton

CBC Halifax

Macmillan is the centerpiece here with his extra ordinary finger work on the Guitar.

RPM Magazine

Guitar-playing duo. Scott Macmillan and Brian Doyle pull out all the ‘chops’ on ‘Live Off the Floor’

Laura Jean Grant

Cape Breton Post

Macmillan has many musical irons in the fire.  Keeping station on Scott Macmillan would tax a long-distance runner. He's always got something going on, always juggling his triple-threat career of performing, conducting and composing.

Stephen Pedersen

Arts Reporter, Halifax Herald Ltd

One of the most delightful evenings of music imaginable took place at Centre in the Square and much of the credit for the success lies in the incredible talent of guest conductor/arranger Scott Macmillan.

Harry Currie

The Record

Scott Macmillan has helped us define our Culture

Ron Foley Macdonald

The Coast

Inspired conducting and arrangements by Macmillan

The Inverness Oran


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Woodland Revval

World Premiere of Scott Macmillan's Woodland Revival Oct 5, 2019, Inverness Centre for the Arts
A Musical Happening celebrating forest diversity in these challenging ecological times.
Learn more</a


"WHO is Scott Macmillan" by DMNikas 4k



April 16, 2020 is 75th anniversary on sinking of HMCS Esquimalt

On this day, April 16, 2020, 75 years later, I encourage you to watch, listen, learn and remember them: Just a few weeks before May 7, 1945, VE-Day, 75 years...

Scott’n the Rocks

are kicking off Nov 25th at 7:30pm at Stayner's Wharf Pub & Grill 7:30pm! Come out support live music in Halifax! These fabulous musicians are raring to go!

inFlux Festival Oct 3-6 2019

2019 inFlux will kick off Oct 3rd with a host of amazing concerts & events including the World Premiere of Woodland Revival.  See you there!!

World Premiere  WOODLAND REVIVAL Sat Oct 5, 2019, 3pm

Ticket info to come…… Gaelic scholar & elder Sr. Margaret MacDonell declared to me in 2017 ‘the trees in NS are trouble and someone should compose music for them and...