April 16, 2023 is 78th anniversary on sinking of HMCS Esquimalt

On this day, April 16, 2023, 78 years later, I encourage you to watch, listen, learn and remember them:

Just a few weeks before May 7, 1945, VE-Day, 75 years ago, the last Canadian Warship, HMCS Esquimalt, was torpedoed and sunk on April 16, 1945 in the approaches to Halifax, Nova Scotia. My father R.C. Macmillan was Captain. So close to the end of the war the sinking of HMSC Esquimalt was kept secret until 2 weeks after VE-Day.

Historically the records lay much blame on my father, taking a tremendous toll on our family. In 2011 my son Ian and I ventured across Canada shining a light surrounding these tragic events and finding the truth from those who were there. We spoke and filmed the last survivors of HMSC Esquimalt, members of the rescue ship, HMCS Sarnia and the Chief Engineer of U-boat 190 that sank the Esquimalt.