Celtic Mass for the Sea Excerpt: Soprano

It's official there will be no golf development and this is great news for West Mabou Beach Provincial Park, the 18 rare and endangered species in the park and for all who enjoy its beauty!

But Nova Scotia’s protected areas are still vulnerable to private interests. It is critical that the Provincial Parks Act is strengthened. Protected should mean protected for all Nova Scotians and their families now, and for generations to come.

To keep attention on this critical issue we will be gathering at West Mabou Beach Provincial Park at 3:00pm on June 4th where we'll on mass perform an excerpt from the Introit of Scott Macmillan and Jennyfer Brickenden’s Celtic Mass for the Sea.

We would love to see this become a province wide event with folks gathering at their local provincial park or coastal area to raise their voices in song in both celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8) and in concert with our urgent need to strengthen the protections of our provincial parks.

Whether you are a singer or instrumentalist, download the pdf along with the mp3 audio support of your parts and learn this 4-minute except from the Celtic Mass for the Sea.

Go to  https://www.scott-macmillan.ca/free/ where you will find the music, audio files and a short video of the excerpt we will sing.  If you are a guitarist or fiddler, there are parts for you too.

Let us know when and where you will be having your event then download the music and let's raise our voices across the miles for the protection of our Provincial Parks and Coastal Areas!

By letting us know who you are we'll keep you posted scojenmusic@gmail.com

Continue to take action. Call or write:

Premier Tim Houston 902-424-6600 800-267-1993 premier@novascotia.ca

Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables, Tory Rushton

902-424-5935  mindnr@novascotia.ca

Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Tim Halman 902-424-3736


MLA for Inverness County, Allan MacMaster 902-258-2216

888-968-7652  mlamacmaster@bellaliant.com

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