Join us at Nocturne

The Celtic Mass for the Sea Flash Mob is back as part of the Nocturne Festival at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Sat. Oct 13th 8pm, Small Craft Gallery, 8pm.

We need you!! and your voices to help make this happen!! We had a blast in June and so we are doing it again.   Let us know if you can be with us and spread the word.

Get the music and the words at and then join us as we raise our voices in this nocturnal salute to our Oceans!

You can get a glimpse with this flash mob teaser from World Ocean’s June 8th

Here is the text that we’ll be singing at the flash mob. This first bit comes from 9th century Irish monastic poetry and the 2nd bit comes from the 5th century and is attributed to St. Columba. The music is a combo of original music and the Irish fiddle tune ‘Ships are Sailing’

East and by North
Send thine eyes forth
Over waves with great whales foaming,
Where sportive seals
Dance their wild reels
Through mighty flood-tides roaming.

He who tramples on the world
He tramples on himself.